How a coach
Can help you

Below are a collection of reasons why engaging a coach can help you

1.Coaches are there to listen and are independent and non-judgemental and are independent unlike family, friends and colleagues.

2.The coach/coachee relationship is based on trust and integrity which is essential if the coachee wants to advance in a forward direction. Transparency is required, a coach needs to see all of you , warts and all.

3.Due to their independence and impartiality , coaches offer themselves as sounding boards that you can use in confidence.

4.Part of a coach`s role is to ask questions that are powerful and stretching so that the coachee takes a different viewpoint to what they have done previously.

5. A coach can become your new confidante, you can tell them things that previously might have been too difficult or awkward to have raised before.

6.  A coach can help you focus on the way to tackle issues and achieve goals, changing aspects of your life that may have only been dreams before.

7. When things are going well or not…. a coach can be there to help you carry on and not give up.

The road you might travel may be long and lonely, better to have a travel companion to keep you going and help you reach the (right) decision or outcome.


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Here is a TEDTalk from Atul Gawande called "Want to great at something ? Get a Coach"

Which can give you more of an insight.