Born and raised in North West England near Manchester, (and not a Football supporter before you ask) i`m the youngest of 4. Growing up i had no confidence , but I was well behaved and developed a natural talent for drama and comedy.



My background started in Management Consultancy prior to moving into Manufacturing before finally making a career change into the Not for profit sector in Australia. The bulk of my experience lies in Operations with a particular emphasis on Leadership, Continuous Improvement and Change Management. I also have experience in Strategic implementation and Scenario Planning.
With a predominantly industrial background in diverse sectors (i.e. FMCG, Food, leisure and Healthcare) I have gleamed valuable experience which has stood me in good stead and leaves me well placed to offer sage advice or embarrassing reminiscences-either of which offer potential learning points (or moments of shame and hilarity).
Learning from my mistakes and educating others about them is something that I believe can be a great tool (as well as salvaging something good from a bad experience).
One thing that I credited for my achievements was that I was always future focused-I focused on something in the future i.e. a place, image or some other visualised event.I have always had a keen interest in personal development and later qualified as a NLP (Neuro Linguistic  Programming) Practitioner and developed an interest in Leadership , team dynamics and motivating (teams and individuals).

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