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What i offer

​I currently offer 2 Coaching packages: 1 to 1

Solution Focused Brief Therapy and PR6 Domain 

Resilience Coaching.

​1 to 1 Outcome focused Coaching

Sessions will be virtual using any of the following

mediums: Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

For non-resilience related 1-1 Zoom coaching i use Solution Focused Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) a well-established coaching model

In the first session, we discuss the "desired outcome" that you would like to address (initially we will focus on one issue at a time, and look at other issues in later sessions).

Typically, i suggest a 3-session package

Resilience Coaching

"Resilience is the ability to positively deal with Adversity".

The Resilience package comprises an initial 90 minute session where we discuss the results from the Questionnaire that was issued previously (or it can be completed during the initial session).


After discussing the results and identifying the areas to focus on, we can agree on the correct approach to adopt. Typically, there will be 3 sessions after the initial assessment and a final session to analyse progress made and future steps.


The Coachee will also have 12 months access to online resources which can be used daily. There is also a downloadable mobile app as well as state of the art AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbots to interact with whenever you want to.

Andrew Healey

0414 074 305

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