Frequently Asked questions

  • Which coaching approach do you work with? My coaching style would be commonly called Outcome focused which means that it is based on: Goal-Orientation, Problem Disengagement and Resource activation. My goal for each session is for you to leave the session armed with things to try so you can work towards goals you`ve identified as being important.

       The  coaching model which i predominantly                    use is the GROW Model which stands for                        Goal Reality Options Will and is perhaps the                  most widely used coaching model.

       I am also a member of the Association for                       Coaching and  a certified PR6 Resilience                         Coach. 

  • How is a typical session structured? For the first session, we talk about the issues that need to be addressed, and spend the last 10-15 minutes identifying options for moving forward.

       After the initial session, in all subsequent                         sessions, we`ll start by talking about changes                 since the previous session i.e. what worked                     (or didn`t) and finish up with identifying                           options to pursue.

  • What kind of problems does you work with most ? Typically i`ve dealt with issues such as Motivation, setting goals and identifying outcomes and options when someone feels "stuck". I offer a free phone consultation (15-20 minutes) where we can chat and you can see if you want to progress to a session.

        I have also designed a program called                           "Strategic Conversations" which is aimed at                    businesses & entrepreneurs.

  • How many sessions does his coaching typically consist of? Typically i have an introductory session which sets boundaries and identifies the key issues to be identified. A follow up session then addresses the issues to see what has changed and what is the next course of action.

  • How long does each session take? Typically a session will last about an hour although it might run over (although if i have a client after we will stick to the schedule). With the Resilience Coaching package there is an initial 90 minute session.

  • How much does it cost? Pricing and Packaging details will be available from March/April 2021. 

  • What kind of problems would i not work with? I am very explicit about issues that i would deal with. Deep underlying issues are something that i avoid as i`m not a trained clinician and i ensure that i comply with my code of ethics (available on my site). 

       I have a section on the site called "If you`re                     not traveling well" which has some contact                     details that maybe helpful.

      If you have any queries email me at