Frequently Asked questions

Which coaching approach do you work with? My coaching style would be commonly called Solution focused .

The  coaching model`s which i                      use is Solution Focused Brief Therapy and

Resilience Coaching using the PR6

Resilience Model.

I am also a member of the                          Association for Coaching and the

Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches. 

How is a typical session structured? For the first session, we talk about the issues that need to be addressed, and spend the last 10-15 minutes identifying options for moving forward.

 After the initial session, in all                     subsequent  sessions, we`ll start by

 talking about changes since the

 previous session i.e. what worked (or         didn`t) and finish up with                             identifying options to pursue.

What kind of issues does you work with most ? Typically i`ve dealt with issues such as Motivation, setting goals and identifying outcomes and options when someone feels "stuck". I offer a free phone consultation (15-20 minutes) where we can chat and you can see if you you feel that i can help you.


How many sessions does his coaching typically consist of? Typically i have an introductory session which sets boundaries and identifies the key issues to be identified. A follow up session then addresses the issues to see what has changed and what is the next course of action.

How long does each session take? Typically a session will last about an hour although it might run over (although if i have a client after we will stick to the schedule). With the Resilience Coaching package there is an initial 90 minute session.

How much does it cost? Pricing and Packaging details will be available from January 2022. 

What kind of problems would i not work with? I am very explicit about issues that i would deal with. Deep underlying issues are something that i avoid as i`m not a trained clinician and i ensure that i comply with my code of ethics (available on my site). 

I have a section on the site called "If         you`re not traveling well" which has          some contact details that maybe              helpful.

If you have any queries email me at