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How do i know when i neded a coach?

There’s a fine line between ‘I’m not having a good day, I’ll be ok tomorrow’ and ‘I don’t think I can meet my goals without expert guidance’. Knowing at what point to seek professional support through the help of a coach is crucial. 


Coaching is for those who recognise they have wandered off their path and need to realign themselves again – be it in business, life or relationships. It is not counselling, mentoring, therapy or training.  


What a coach does is listen to your aspirations and goals, recognise the obstacles that are standing in your way, and provide actionable solutions to enable you to fulfil your ambitions in a measurable, simple and successful way. 


Seeking a coach demonstrates that you wish to improve and that you recognise that you need an expert to guide you.  


Every great sports person has a coach to thank for pushing them, motivating them, encouraging them and supporting them in their journey…life and business coaches do exactly that too. 


So how do you know when you need a coach? 


According to Alexis Meads, there are ten tell-tale signs that you need a coach in your life. 


1. Your friends and family are tired of listening to you 

It’s wonderful to have a support network around you, but don’t exhaust your friend’s kindness by going over the same thing every time you meet them. A coach is a professional listener who isn’t worried about telling you how it is – but not only will they listen, they will also give you a concrete plan to follow in order to overcome the struggles you are facing. 


2. You over-analyze everything 

There is such a thing as over-thinking things and if your mind is full of questions and no answers then it’s time to seek professional help from someone that can untangle the tangled knot of questions inside your mind. 


3. Your relationship problems are making you ill 

Mental strain has a physical affect on the body. If you aren’t happy with your relationship then you need to find a way to handle that – and ignoring it or repeating the same mistakes won’t help. Through the help of a coach you can find clarity and confidence again. 


4. You’re not happy with your weight 

Health and life coaches can advise on weight loss, fitness, nutrition and exercise plans but most of all they can give you the motivation you need to stick to your plan and reach your goals. Everyone knows that having someone by your side when trying to get fit is easier than going at it alone! 


5. You’ve lost your identity 

Whether you’ve recently moved abroad, had children, changed as you’ve got older or inexplicably lost confidence – coaching can help you feel like the old you again. Or alternatively, help you reinvent a new happier and more positive you. 


6. You have Imposter Syndrome 

On the outside you’re rocking it, but on the inside you’re crippled with self doubt, insecurity, worry and anxiety. A good coach can alleviate that stress and empower you with the skills to feel just as good on the inside as people believe you are on the outside. 


7. You’re not at the point in your career you thought you would be 

It’s nobody’s fault but yours, but you don’t know where you’re going wrong. Do you lack confidence to seek alternative employment? Or do you need to improve on your leadership skills and communication techniques? Our coaches will recognise the obstacles standing in the way of your success and give you the tools to ensure that you reach your career goals. 


8. You’re stuck 

Your life is in a rut. You’re bored. You’re wondering if there’s anything else out there for you or if this monotonous treadmill you call life is as good as it gets. Don’t worry, it can always get better, you just need a push in the right direction by a life coach that will understand your concerns and show you the light. 


9. You have no social life 

It’s not just the work and family life balance that a coach can help you wish, they can also assist with helping you find the all important ‘me’ time. Hobbies, mindfulness, interests and fun are just as important as family and earning a wage. 


10. You worry about what others think 

This is all too common in an age of over-sharing, but this form of thinking can be paralysing and in the long term affect all areas of your life. In order to reach your goals you need to be confident, fearless and positive. Coaching can help you value your self worth while providing ways for you to protect yourself from the opinions of others. 


So if any of these points sound like you then you may benefit from coaching. Coaching is not a last resort, far from it. Coaching is a way of reigniting that internal spark that makes you want to be a better you. So get over your first obstacle and get in touch – we may just change your life. 


The person must demonstrate willingness to question their own thoughts and motivations


Coaching requires a willingness to explore ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Coachees should welcome the chance to see what they are not seeing on their own. 

Coaching is best used when the coachee has some knowledge and skills to draw on, but they aren’t sure about the options, what’s best to do first, or the reasons for their own uncertainty. 

Sometimes people already know what they want to do and just need a sounding board. Coaching can help them sort out and organize thoughts. There doesn’t have to be a breakthrough in every coaching conversation. 


The key word that differentiates what coaches do is partnering. Coaches are thinking partners. We do not see our clients as clueless and needing to be shown the way (consulting). We do not see our clients as needing to be healed (therapy). We respect them as being just as smart as we are. They are able to use their creativity and resources to solve their own problems through a conversation that helps them see beyond their blocks. 


Tony Robbins gives 8 reasons why you probably need a coach, and they are as follows: 

  1. You feel lost. 

  1. You`re letting fear hold you back. 

  1. You think that you`re not good enough. 

  1. You have self-destructive habits. 

  1. You want to be more decisive. 

  1. You can`t seem to focus. 

  1. You need better time management. 

  1. You`re facing a major transition. 


If any of the above resonates with you and you would like some clarity you`re not sure and would like some clarity, book a free discovery call with me now on the button below. 

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