How Personal Endeavour Coaching came into being

Endeavour .....Various meanings i.e.  







​I have always had a feeling that there was something waiting for me if I was prepared to reach out for it and get out of my comfort zone. It also meant to me that if you want to achieve or attain something then you had to persevere or endeavour to succeed.

​From a humble beginning I was the archetypal underperformer at school. I wasn`t lazy or stupid , it was that I wasn`t sure what I wanted to do and lacked focus.


One of the biggest inspirations for me was someone i`ve never met. I read a story  about a 30 year old guy who had just graduated as a doctor. He left school at 15 with no qualifications. When asked how he did it….he just said “Graft”. (i.e doing the hard yards).

​Having had a lifelong interest in personal development and have applied it on a personal level and through my career as a Manager and Leader.I noticed was that there was a substantial gap between what was promised and what was delivered in terms of career development and training which resulted in demotivated and unfulfilled staff.

​I`m a strong advocate of the opinion that if you believe in someone then they will start to believe in themselves, which can result in some phenomenal and lasting changes. Growing up I had no role models or anyone to talk to and I know that things would have been significantly better if I had. This is partly why I started coaching…it`s never too late…and you can still have …. and achieve goals.

​Coaching for me is a journey between 2 people, travelling down a path where things can be discussed in a non-judgemental way and leaving with some options and outcomes to hopefully change your circumstances, state of mind and hopefully feeling more positive than when we first met.

​My coaching experience began at work where I coached staff who were either moving into a new role or had to improvement their performance and/or attitude. I saw too many people taken down a disciplinary/performance management route due to a manager`s reluctance , unwillingness or inability to invest the time in their subordinates. I found this unacceptable.

​Coaching to me can be an intervention, and a chance to take control and change direction..if you so wish.


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