My coaching style

With a 20 year career in the corporate and Not for profit sectors, volunteering, and a track record of leading others..i definitely have experience of working at the "coalface".

From this i developed a passion for helping others through authenticity, compassion and integrity.

Described as being down to earth, funny and able to put people at ease quickly..this is something i wouldn`t disagree with.

I `ve worked with people in many
situations and have always been able to help develop options and see light at the end of the tunnel.

My Coaching style is what has been defined as "Outcome Focused". In essence this means that it`s a non-invasive approach (i.e. i don`t look at any underlying causes) but aim to develop options for moving forward.


The number of sessions can vary but would typically be 3 to 6 over 2 - 4 months, but this isn`t set in stone. In May/June, i will be publishing details of Coaching packages.

Sessions can be face to face (In Newcastle) or by Phone/Videocam or Skype. They run for 60 minutes with the last 10-15 minutes identifying options for moving forward.

Resilience Coaching

With Resilience coaching i use the PR6 Model.

The PR6 Model is based on the latest Neuroscience and we start with a quick questionnaire which we analyse through a 90 minute session.

Then we decide what the way forward will be. Included in the package is 12 month`s access to the online resources.

Initially i offer a 20 minute free phone
consultation, this is a chance to get to know each other and see if we fit...i like me, you might not (: .

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