1 to 1 coaching

In order to maximise the session I generally ask that coachee`s send me an outline of the issue that they , this makes it a bit clearer for me and allows me to get a picture of what we need to address.


I will be offering sessions over the phone (Skype, LINE and Whatsapp) and Videocam.

Additionally i  can book a room (initially i will be looking to operate out of Newcastle or Maitland) for Face to Face meets or find a quiet Cafe or similar establishment.


I take the approach that there is a start , middle and end, and we talk and create the route to successful outcomes.




Some specific areas of expertise include :

Career Coaching

Having experienced several redundancies and job changes in my career, i fully appreciate that we live in uncertain times and with career longevity being replaced by the "Gig economy" and "Zero hours" contracts.

With this in mind, i offer coaching in the following areas.

  • Making a career change.

  • Career Strategies.

  • Dealing with bullying.

  • Starting a new business.

With experience in different sectors including Corporate, Public sector and Not for profit and Management Consultancy, i can bring something of value to a coaching session relating to career issues.


These session`s like all others i conduct are confidential so you can be assured that no one will know what we discuss.

Goal Setting

Together we can look at areas that you want to address and determine what you need (not want) to achieve using realistic expectations. With extensive experience of doing the hard yards, i`m confident that we can work towards rewarding achievements.

Leadership & Management

With an extensive senior level experience in Operations, a Business School education and being selected to a Global Leadership Excellence i can d.

Having worked in diverse sectors such as Management Consultancy, Manufacturing, Start-Ups and Not For Profits i can bring something to the table.



Personal Endeavour Coaching


NSW 2300



Tel: 0450 854 098


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