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1 to 1 Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Feature of the Solution Focused Brief approach


The following are the main characteristics of this approach:

  • It is positive and practical.

  • It is time efficient and cost effective.

  • It focuses clearly on specific and

       measurable outcomes.

  • It energises the Coachee to own

the process and the outcome.

  • It is simple, without being simplistic.

  • It is Capacity building.

  • It is transparent and the skills are transferrable.


(Bill O`Connell, Stephen Palmer and Helen Williams, “Solution Focused Coaching in practice”, Routledge, 2012).


The basic concept behind Solution Focused Coaching is that people are more receptive

to change and reach their goals quickly when they tap into their own resources and solutions.





As a Coach, I encourage the Coachee to encourage them to see what works for them, reinforcing the solutions found and ask how they can increase their range of available solutions.


Based on these assumptions, the Coach will follow these guidelines:

  • Work with the person, not the problem.

  • People have many ideas about their preferred futures.

  • Focus on the future, not the past.

  • Avoid “Paralysis by Analysis”.

  • Ask questions, rather than offer answers.

  • Examine negative “self-talk”.

  • Listen for, and reinforce the Coachee`s strength`s and resources.

  • If it`s working, keep doing it.

  • If it`s not working, stop it and do something different.

  • Explore “Solutions” to maximise learning.

  • If it isn`t broken, don`t fix it, unless it can be improved.


Solution Focused Coaching as “Brief” as lasting change can be gained in 3 to 5 sessions. To get a bit of an insight, i`ve attached some Videos which hopefully will be of interest.


To summarise, the key components of this approach are:

  1. A focus on the here and now.

  2. Clear, specific and attainable goals.

  3. Projection of confidence and competence by the Coach.

  4. A good working relationship is established as soon as possible.

  5. A Coach who is active and influential.

  6. A commitment from coaches to work on their goals between the meetings.

Andrew Healey

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