Session details
1 to 1 Personal Coaching

For the 1 to 1 Sessions i use the Outcomes coaching model. In the first session, i invite people to talk about issues that they would like to address. Ideally, we would have identified one, but generally we wouldn`t look at more that 2 or 3  so that we can focus on the key issues.

The last 15 minutes are where we discuss and define what options we have and how they will be accomplished in a realistic time frame. Any subsequent sessions will be of a similar format, except that we will start the session by discussing what has happened inbetween regarding achieving the objectives of the previous session. Again the last 15 minutes will be used to identify the steps to be taken outside of the coaching session to continue building momentum.

Typically, i would be looking at a period of initially 3 months so that we can see progress and embed habits and mindsets that will be of value to you. Also, i`ve found that if you charge by the hour, there is no timeframe to achieve results, if we have an end date we can be more focused. 

Resilience Coaching 

The PR6 Resilience Model is based on current Neuroscience research and addresses 6 factors that influence Resilience.

The 6 Domains are : Tenacity (i.e. Persistence, Realistic optimism and Bounce) Collaboration (i.e. Support networks, Social Context and Manage perceptions), Vision (i.e. Purpose, goals & congruence), Composure (i.e. Regulate Emotions, Interpretation bias and Calm)Reasoning (i.e. Problem solving, Resourcefulness and Anticipate & plan) and Health (i.e. Nutrition, sleep & exercise).

The starting point is to complete the PR6 online questionnaire, This can be completed before the first session or during it. One useful feature of the programme is that after completing it for the first time, you can log back in within the following 3 months and complete the training module for each resilience domain.

When we receive the results (which will be by email) there will be a summary report which will highlight specific areas that need attention. We can employ a Strengths based approach which means that in this programme we would look at the scores over a 3 session period in the following order.


First session. This will be an overview of the report and what the findings are. We will then look at the 1st and 4th Strongest Domain areas.

Second session. We will look at the 2nd and 5th ranked Domain area.

Third session.  We will look at the 3rd and 6th ranked (weakest) Domain area.

These 3 sessions will take place over 3 to 6 months and access to online resources will be available for 12 months (after 1st time online).