Strategic Conversations   

The idea for Strategic Conversations came about through having a busy career where often it`s difficult to get clarity and space to think. I take people out of the work environment so there are no distractions or interruptions-so mobile phones off.

In a Coaching context, i see strategic conversations as asking questions in a compressed time frame, testing and developing robustness, and leaving with options having discounted irrelevant data.


In a nutshell, we talk in confidence (no notes are taken by me) where issues and scenarios are discussed in a frank and honest manner.


The approach is non-judgemental, down to earth and honest. If I have to be blunt..i will be.  As an outcome I aim for you to develop “unshakeable truths” and “realistic expectations” leading to action being taken (or not....after considering all options and scenarios, doing nothing may be be the best choice after all).





Strategic questioning moves away from "Why did this happen" towards questions such as "What will it take to bring the current situation towards the ideal?".

Ultimately, however, good quality conversations are built on trust. If there is no trust there may be a fear of conflict or maybe betrayal.A lack of robust conversation can lead to an artificial harmony that creates ambiguity, an avoidance of accountability and no clear direction to follow.

The process i use is a 12 step one which should be completed in about 60 minutes (and based on a proven format) and i have working templates you can use and copies if you need to tidy it up at a later date.

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