The PR6 Model

In recent years,Resilience has become something of a buzz word within Mental health and Personal Development circles and is part of a sea change in combating stress and maintaining personal wellbeing.

Resilience can come in different forms and can mean different things to different people. I have lived experience of depending on resilience to get through challenging times.


The PR6 Resilience model is based on current Neuroscience research and factors) that influence resilience in


  • Tenacity-Persistance, realistic optimism and Bounce.

  • Collaboration-Support networks, social context and manage perceptions.

  • Vision-Purpose, goals and congruence.

  • Composure-Regulate emotions, interpretation bias and calm.

  • Reasoning-Problem solving,resourcefulness and anticipate/plan.

  • Health-Nutrition, sleep and exercise.

Results from undertaking the PR6 Program include:

  • User`s becoming 25% more resilient within the 1st 6 months.

  • 87% high engagement (there is access to over 200 activities).

  • 91% reported improved performance from participation.

  • 83% reported higher job satisfaction.

       (Source DRIVEN).​

Personally, I think of Resilience as the glue that holds us together when everything seems to be falling apart !

Feel free to contact me on 0414 074 305  (7-9pm Sydney time Tuesday to Thursday) to discuss how the PR6 Resilience model can help you get your life back on track.

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