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What`s the next Step ?

If you`ve had a look through the website, and you`re interested in finding out more, here are the next steps.

It`s important to see if the coach/coachee relationship is viable. So to determine this, i offer a free consultation call.

Using the contact link, you can send me your details and an outline of what you`d like to address and a time that we can talk (i am available to talk Tuesday to Thursday 7pm to 9pm Sydney timezone).

After talking,and If we both agree to move forward, We`ll book a date to call at the weekend (there will be a requirement for full payment to confirm this). I will email a copy of a contract between us so that you can review and sign and return it.  (i will also accept verbal consent as an alternative). 

If the session will be via Mobile or Skype the contact details will be given out beforehand. If the Coachee hasn`t made contact by 10 minutes after the appointed time the Coach will get in touch. If the session starts later than it planned it will finish at the original time if there is another client following, otherwise we will carry on for the full 60 minutes.

Other information


My Coaching sessions operate between 9am to 1pm on Weekends only.


For Phone sessions (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Mobile) I work in the Sydney time zone.

Copies of my Terms and Conditions as well as additional legal information can be found on this website.

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